I am humbled and honored to have received the support of many Sunnyvale residents, fellow elected officials and organizations for my re-election campaign.

  • Hon. Ro Khanna, U.S. Representative for California's 17th Congressional District, including Sunnyvale
  • Hon. Anna Eshoo, U.S. Representative for California’s 18th Congressional District
  • Hon. Jerry Hill, California State Senator for 13th District, including Sunnyvale
  • Hon. Marc Berman, California State Assemblymember for 24th District, including Sunnyvale
  • Hon. Rich Gordon, Former California State Assemblymember for 24th District, including Sunnyvale
  • Hon. Elaine Alquist, Former California State Senator (ret.)
  • Hon. Jim Cunneen, Former California State Assemblymember (ret.)
  • Hon. Laurie Smith, Santa Clara County Sheriff
  • Hon. Larry Stone, Santa Clara County Assessor and former Sunnyvale Mayor
  • Hon. Dave Cortese, Santa Clara County Supervisor, Including Sunnyvale
  • Hon. Joe Simitian, Santa Clara County Supervisor, including Sunnyvale
  • Hon. Cindy Chavez, Santa Clara County Supervisor
  • Hon. Mike Wasserman, Santa Clara County Supervisor
  • Hon. Dianne McKenna, former Santa Clara County Supervisor and former Sunnyvale Mayor
  • Hon. Larry Klein, Vice Mayor, City of Sunnyvale
  • Hon. Jim Griffith, Councilmember, City of Sunnyvale
  • Hon. Gustav Larsson, Councilmember, City of Sunnyvale
  • Hon. Russ Melton, Councilmember, City of Sunnyvale
  • Hon. Gary Kremen, Director, Santa Clara Valley Water District
  • Hon. Sam Liccardo, Mayor, City of San Jose
  • Hon. Ron Gonzalas, former Mayor, City of San Jose and City of Sunnyvale
  • Hon. Julia Miller, former Sunnyvale Mayor, El Camino Hospital Board Member
  • Hon. Savita Vaidhyanathan, Council Member, City of Cupertino
  • Hon. Jean Mordo, Mayor, City of Los Altos
  • Hon. Jeannie Bruins, Council Member, City of Los Altos
  • Hon. Rob Rennie, Mayor, City of Los Gatos
  • Hon. Bob Nunez, Council Member, City of Milpitas
  • Hon. Lenny Siegel, Vice Mayor, City of Mountain View
  • Hon. Ken Rosenberg, Council Member, City of Mountain View
  • Hon. Charles “Chappie” Jones Council Member, City of San Jose – District 1
  • Hon. Johnny Khamis, Council Member, City of San Jose – District 10
  • Hon. Howard Miller, Council Member, City of Saratoga
  • Hon. Reid Meyers, President Board Trustee, Sunnyvale Elementary School District
  • Hon. Susan Ellenberg, San Jose Unified School Board Member
  • Hon. Jodi Muirhead, Board Trustee, Santa Clara School District
  • Hon. Roy Rocklin, Board Trustee, Fremont Union High School District
  • Gilbert Wong, Board Trustee, Foothill-De Anza Community College District
  • Hon. Pat Castillo, former Sunnyvale Mayor
  • Hon. Dean Chu, former Sunnyvale Mayor
  • Hon. Melinda Hamilton, former Sunnyvale Mayor
  • Hon. John Howe, former Sunnyvale Mayor
  • Hon. Anthony Spitaleri, former Sunnyvale Mayor
  • Hon. Dr. Robin Parker-Cox, former Sunnyvale Mayor
  • Hon. Jim Davis, former Sunnyvale Vice Mayor
  • Hon. Tara Martin-Milius, former Sunnyvale Vice Mayor
  • Hon. Chris Moylan, former Sunnyvale Council Member
  • Carl Guardino, CEO Silicon Valley Leadership Group
  • Hannalore Dietrich, Sunnyvale Heritage Preservation Commission, Chair
  • Ralph Kenton, Sunnyvale Park & Recreation Chair
  • Tim Oey, Sunnyvale Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Commission, Vice-Chair
  • Traci Oberman, Sunnyvale Personnel Board, Chair
  • Ken Olevson, Sunnyvale Planning Commission
  • Dave Simons, Sunnyvale Planning Commissioner
  • Mason Fong, Sunnyvale Library Board Trustee
  • Ralph Durham, former Sunnyvale Planning, BPAC and Arts Commissioner
  • Steve Hoffman, ran against Glenn in the 2013 Council election
  • Fran Acquistapace, Sunnyvale Resident
  • Rick Acquistapace, Sunnyvale Resident
  • Holly Agbayani, Sunnyvale Resident
  • Rafael Alverez-Horine, Sunnyvale Resident
  • Joann Barr, Sunnyvale Resident
  • Al Beeman
  • Kathy Besser, Sunnyvale Resident
  • Paul Besser, Sunnyvale Resident
  • Dane Besser, Sunnyvale Resident
  • Tate Besser, Sunnyvale Resident
  • Vicki Boell
  • Samuel Brown, Sunnyvale Resident
  • Luis Buhler
  • Leslie Bulbuk, Sunnyvale Resident
  • Bullis James, Sunnyvale Resident
  • Joshua Callman, Sunnyvale Resident
  • Christina Cary, Sunnyvale Resident
  • Carlos Castillo, Sunnyvale Resident
  • Carlotta Castillo, Sunnyvale Resident
  • Joe Cava
  • Daniel Chafey, Sunnyvale Resident
  • Peter Cirigliano, Sunnyvale Resident
  • Barbara Clayton, Sunnyvale Resident
  • Manish Doshi, Sunnyvale Resident
  • Darcia Eding, Sunnyvale Resident
  • Linor Eylon, Sunnyvale Resident
  • Lisa Felipa, Sunnyvale Resident
  • Raul Felipa, Sunnyvale Resident
  • Terry Fowler, Sunnyvale Resident
  • Linda Foxcroft
  • Shirley Frantz, Sunnyvale Resident
  • Chris Frantz, Sunnyvale Resident
  • Rob Gamble, Sunnyvale Resident
  • Cythnia Hendricks, Sunnyvale Resident
  • Griffin Hendricks, Sunnyvale Resident
  • Grant Hendricks
  • Phoebe Hendricks
  • Stan Hendryx, Sunnyvale Resident
  • Karen Hopkins
  • Joe Hopkins
  • Nina Huttegger, Sunnyvale Resident
  • Amber Johnson, Sunnyvale Resident
  • Laurel Johnson, Sunnyvale Resident
  • Mark Kato, Sunnyvale Resident
  • Puja Khosla, Sunnyvale Resident
  • Nobby Kobayashi, Sunnyvale Resident
  • Leslie Lawton, Sunnyvale Resident
  • Kevin Leal, Sunnyvale Resident
  • Stephen Meier, Sunnyvale Resident
  • Robert Morrison, Sunnyvale Resident
  • Howard Mueller, Sunnyvale Resident
  • Judith Nickey, Sunnyvale Resident
  • Gil Ohana, Sunnyvale Resident
  • Misuk Park, Sunnyvale Resident
  • Meeta Podar, Sunnyvale Resident
  • Alicia Potolsky, Sunnyvale Resident
  • Roger Riffenburgh, Sunnyvale Resident
  • John Riemenschnitter, Sunnyvale Resident
  • Lynn Riemenschnitter, Sunnyvale Resident
  • Puja Sampat, Sunnyvale Resident
  • Dave Simons, Sunnyvale Planning Commissioner
  • Dick Smith, Sunnyvale Resident
  • Gail Swegles, Sunnyvale Resident
  • Brian Thesing, Sunnyvale Resident
  • Amanda Tonner, Sunnyvale Resident
  • Eric Tuttle, Sunnyvale Resident
  • Michelle Tuttle, Sunnyvale Resident
  • Robert Varich
  • Bridget Watson, Sunnyvale Resident
  • Jon (Jack) Worstell, Sunnyvale Resident
  • Alan Wortman, Sunnyvale Resident
  • Tom Winant
  • Wendy Yu
  • Greg Zeren, Sunnyvale Resident

Titles provided for identification purposes only.



Santa Clara County League of Conservation Voters

The California Apartment Association

The Lincoln Club of Northern California

UA Local 393

Mercury News endorses Glenn Hendricks for Sunnyvale City Council, Seat 2.

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