Glenn's endorsement from The Mercury News

Mercury News endorses Glenn Hendricks for Sunnyvale City Council, Seat 2.

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Why I am running for Re-election to the Sunnyvale City Council, Seat #2?

I am running for re-election to keep Sunnyvale a wonderful place. To listen to our residents. To keep people safe. To have awesome quality of life and to ensure we are being good stewards of the environment so our children can have clean air and clean water.

I first ran and was elected to the Sunnyvale Council in 2013 and was elected to a five-year term. (We are now back to four year terms). During my first five years on the Council, I will have been your Mayor for three of those years.

During the 2013 election, my top items were:

  • Hire a new City Manager
  • Get the Downtown Project completed
  • Support the Public Safety department in their efforts to keep the public safe and to reduce crime, especially residential burglaries
  • Ensure the long-term fiscal sustainability of the city
  • Ensure strong maintenance of the city's roadways and trees
  • Return a level of civility to the Council Chamber and focus on the core business of the city
  • Implement a holistic view of traffic for the city
  • Housing
  • Find a way to build new city parks of a sufficient size to support soccer or baseball fields

In this election, the list is very similar. Not because I didn't get anything done. But, because some of these topics continue over many years.

In my four and half years on the Council, I have worked with the rest of the Council and provided leadership to:

  • Hire a great City Manager and then hired another one
  • Got the downtown project restarted. (Now called CityLine) Construction has started. New residences will be ready for rental by the end of 2018. Retail will be coming soon and our Sunnyvale Downtown will have a movie theater again.
  • The City of Sunnyvale has been named the safest City in America, for the third year in a row.
  • Worked to improve the City's long term financial sustainability
  • Ensured our tree and roadway program has been well funded
  • Worked with my colleagues to improve our interactions and worked to make our Council meetings run smoother and not run as late into the night.
  • Worked to improve traffic (See the Issues Section)
  • Worked to improve housing (See the Issues Section)
  • Added Park space to the City inventory. We have also started our twenty-year program to revitalize and upgrade all the City Parks.

In simple terms, I want to make Sunnyvale a better place. I want to leave Sunnyvale a better place than when I was first elected to office. I want to ensure we have a good long-term financial plan so that the City can provide core services that will improve the quality of life for our residents.

I am asking for your support during this election season, so that we can continue the work to keep Sunnyvale and awesome place.

As your Councilmember, I will be responsive to the community. You can reach out and contact me to share your ideas and concerns. Call me at (408) 242-8384. Or, email me at

In Friendship,

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Glenn Hendricks for Sunnyvale City Council
Email: • Phone: (408) 242-8384
FPPC# 1353807